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150 Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

Meet Stay-at-Home Dad, Homeschooling Dad, and Mankind Project participant and advocate, Mark. Dad of Sam, age 8, husband of Corissa, living in Portland, Oregon, Mark retraces his journey as a boy who didn’t feel listened to by his mom and dad, struggling with his identity as a stay-at-home dad, and his striving to be an … Continue reading 150 Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

149: All About E-sports

Competitive video gaming may be coming soon to a school near you. E-sports  (short for “electronic sports”) is a $900 million dollar global industry. In South Korea, top video game players are household names, and matches are televised. Here in the United States, more than 80 colleges and universities, including Kent State and the University … Continue reading 149: All About E-sports

148: 14 Ways to Love Your Boys

Love really is what makes the world go around.  At least, it’s what makes the world a better place! On Valentine’s Day, our thoughts typically turn to romantic love (thanks to a hefty assist by Hallmark, restaurants and jewelry companies.) In this special Valentine’s Day episode, we’re focusing on another kind of love: The love … Continue reading 148: 14 Ways to Love Your Boys

147 Raising Boys with Amy Joyce of The Washington Post

Over the last year or so, as story after story of men’s misconduct hit the headlines, one question rang out in the hearts, minds and souls of parents: How do we raise boys to become good men?  Boys, we know, are not born evil or prejudiced. We’ve seen their sweetness. We tousle their hair and … Continue reading 147 Raising Boys with Amy Joyce of The Washington Post