Meet Janet

I am THRILLED to be collaborating with Jen!

Have you ever met someone and instantly clicked?  That’s us!

We collaborated on a webinar last year (which we lovingly called, “The Janet and Jen Show.”) We were so in-sync that we finished each other’s sentences and were working on task while the other was emailing saying we should work on that same task.

When she called to ask if I wanted to do a podcast together, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! On that first call, we split up our to-do list and by the end of the week, we had a name, a logo, and a website!

I raised daughters, I didn’t raise sons.

Anna is a Labor and Delivery Nurse and Katie teaches Special Ed.

People ask, “WHAT are you doing in the ‘boy business?!’  WELL, I taught A LOT of boys – and they taught me!  Trial by fire, you could say, that first year in first grade with 10 boys and 2 girls.  That was 1995.

Fast forward 20 years, and as the Founder of Boys Alive! I’ve been advocating for boys ever since.

Understanding boys is crucial if we are to raise healthy, happy men. I am a Family Coach and dedicated to helping parents understand and advocate for them. I work with teachers and administrators to bring more boy-friendly awareness into the classroom. Speaking on these topics to conferences and groups makes me realize how much love and desire to understand our boys is out there – and that there is overwhelm of knowing which way to turn!

Momentum is building in this age of #metoo and boys who are struggling academically and socially. We must all be advocates and speak loudly for our boys, knowing that everything we do for boys enhances life for our girls, too.

I live in Portland, Oregon. My other passions?  Table Tennis and Pickleball! Hiking, friends, and family, reading, coffee…blue sky and sunshine, water and mountains!

Here are ways to connect with me:

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