117: Summer Jobs

Photo by Austin Kirk via Flickr

Does your son have a summer job?

Most boys don’t.

In 1978, 60% of teens had summer jobs; today, that number hovers between 35 and 40%.

Boys today are more likely to spend their days playing sports, brushing up on academics and traveling with family or as part of mission teams. (And playing Fortnite.)

Years ago, getting a job was an expected rite of passage for teens. In today’s hyper-competitive world, more and more parents focus time, attention and energy on “enrichment” activities designed to help children become attractive college applicants.

But summer jobs are a great way to help boys confront RISK and develop RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT and REVENUE. Thanks to a tight labor market in many parts of the country, there are still plenty of jobs available for teens and tweens.

In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss how to support your son’s entry into the world of work.

In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss:
  • Their first jobs
  • The unique benefits of paid employment, including feedback from others
  • Great, high-paying jobs for tweens and teens
  • How parents can help their boys turn unique interests & passions into a paying job

Coming NEXT WEEK: We talk to 12-year-old Sam about his lawn care business.

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And, as always, enjoy the uncut version of Janet and Jen – sometimes trying to figure out what to say – here on Youtube.