The Fully Human Parent by Steve Biddulph

Let legendary parenting author Steve Biddulph teach you how to be a fully human parent.

His book, Fully Human: A New Way of Using Your Mindcame out a few months ago and Janet talked to him about it then. Later this month, he’s releasing a brand new online talk about being a fully human parent, so we’re re-running Janet’s conversation with Steve and encourage you all to check out his talk.

We’ll let Steve tell you about it:

For months now I have been hard at work writing and filming a BRAND NEW TALK-

It is called The Fully Human Parent, and is all about how to protect and strengthen your mental health, and that of your children.

It is a lot of fun, and as you will know with my talks, has a remarkable emotional impact.  The editors working on it said they were crying as they worked on the stories.   This talk is direct from my living room, with beautiful graphics and teaching segments to make it visually full of life.

It teaches how to help your kids master their own minds, and know how to release anxiety, move through strong feelings safely, and grow their feeling of love and connection.   And be strong and know what is right for them, so they aren’t pushed or pulled by others around them.    It also teaches a strong spirituality that is applicable within or without religious traditions.

So we invite you to the World Premiere of this talk,  on Thursday October 21st.  And as another world first, it is viewable in ANY TIME ZONE at the convenient time of 8 p.m.  regardless of where you live in the world.

Teenagers might even enjoy it.  (It’s a bit intense for primary children) but MAINLY ITS FOR YOU, SO YOU CAN HAVE BETTER MENTAL HEALTH AND TEACH YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO DO THAT TOO.

The Fully Human Parent  –  Thursday 21st October 8.00 pm    Just $16.00 per family ticket.  Please tell your friends too!

Steve and the team