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How to NOT Raise an A-Hole

When we become parents, someone really should hand us a book that details, exactly, how to NOT raise an a-hole.  Karen Alpert (of the blog Baby Sideburns), a mom of two and author of Mamas, Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up to be A-Holes: Unfiltered Advice on How to Raise Awesome Kids, recognizes that parents … Continue reading How to NOT Raise an A-Hole

Dr. Michele Borba Knows How to Help Boys Thrive

Dr. Michele Borba knows how to help boys thrive. She’s a “boy mom” — a mother of 3 grown sons, educational psychologist, and the author of Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine. Many boys are stressed but don’t tell their parents because “they don’t want to hurt us,” Dr. Borba … Continue reading Dr. Michele Borba Knows How to Help Boys Thrive

The First-Time Mom’s Guide to Raising Boys

Ever wished you had a guide to raising boys? A manual you can consult when your tween son confuses and frustrates you? Now, one exists — and it’s Jen’s first book! The First-Time Mom’s Guide to Raising Boys: A Practical Guide to Your Son’s Formative Years, by Jennifer L.W. Fink, was released on July 6, … Continue reading The First-Time Mom’s Guide to Raising Boys

Why Feminist Tosha Schore Became an Advocate for Boys

Having sons forced Tosha Schore to reevaluate everything she knew about boys. Schore, the daughter of a single mom, grew up stepped in the women’s movement. As a  child, she attended marches and rallies for women’s rights and, in college, she majored in Women’s Studies. She was pregnant with her first child and sidelined with … Continue reading Why Feminist Tosha Schore Became an Advocate for Boys

Future Focused Parenting & Raising Adults

 Is future-focused parenting the key to raising adults? Yes, says Deana Thayer and Kira Dorrian, parent coaches and co-hosts of the Raising Adults podcast. “It’s not about raising boys; it’s about raising men,” Kira says. “Who are these men we want our boys to become? How do we want them to walk through the world, … Continue reading Future Focused Parenting & Raising Adults


ON BOYS podcast is now officially three years old. Our episodes have been downloaded more than 465,000 times — with almost 314,000 of those downloads coming over the past year. Join us in this very “unplugged” episode, as we acknowledge the suffering and hardship of the past year, while also noting and celebrating our progress. … Continue reading ON BOYS is THREE!

To Raise a Boy (w Emma Brown)

In her new book To Raise a Boy, author Emma Brown writes, “This is what I want for my son as he grows up: the ability to be himself without paying a social penalty.”  [NOTE: This episode contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence from 16:30-21:30] That’s what we want too. And we get frustrated sometimes … Continue reading To Raise a Boy (w Emma Brown)

Social Media Safety

Social media has been a lifeline during the pandemic. It can also destroy lives. In 2016, Ed Peisner’s then-16-year-old son was viciously attacked in a social-media motivated assault — which was filmed and uploaded to social media before his father even arrived on the scene. “It was just a typical Friday,” Peisner says. “He was walking … Continue reading Social Media Safety

Dying to Be a Good Mother with Heather Chauvin

Heather Chauvin was dying to be a good mother. Her determination to get it *just right* was fueled by a sense of failure – and societal norms that define “good moms” as self-sacrificing. . 18 years old and single when her first child was born, Heather launched herself into parenting with gusto. She was determined … Continue reading Dying to Be a Good Mother with Heather Chauvin

Family Personality Types

What’s your family personality?  Don’t know? You’re not alone. Most people don’t think of families as having personalities, but when you understand your personality, your partner’s personality and your kids’ personalities, life gets easier. Sandra Etherington, a family personality practitioner, uses the Myers-Briggs assessment to help families improve communication and collaboration. “The assessment measures tendencies … Continue reading Family Personality Types