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How to Be an Unflustered Mom

Powered by RedCircle Yes, you can be an unflustered mom. Identifying your anxiety style is the first step, says Amber Trueblood, a mom of four boys (currently ages 10, 12, 14, & 15) and author of The Unflustered Mom: How Understanding the Five Anxiety Styles Transforms the Way We Parent, Partner, Live, and Love. “Anxiety … Continue reading How to Be an Unflustered Mom

Managing Medical Expenses

Powered by RedCircle Medical expenses are a part of life.  (Particularly if you live in the United States!) Figuring out how to budget and pay for well-child checks, sports physicals, ER and urgent care visits, and recommended screenings is confusing and overwhelming. Health insurance is expensive and difficult to decipher. Independent contractors and entrepreneurs typically … Continue reading Managing Medical Expenses

Why Now is the Best Time to Raise Boys (w Michael Reichert)

Powered by RedCircle Now is the best time to raise boys, says psychologist Michael Reichert, founding director of the Center for the Study of Boys’ & Girls’ Lives, author of How to Raise a Boy, and co-author of Equimundo’s recent State of American Men report.  It doesn’t feel that way to many parents (or boys), … Continue reading Why Now is the Best Time to Raise Boys (w Michael Reichert)