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Keeping Boys Safe from Respiratory Viruses

Did you know that boys may be more susceptible to respiratory viruses than girls? Society tells us that boys are strong and tough, but the truth is that males are biologically fragile — from before birth all the way through to death. Male fetuses are more likely to be miscarried than female fetuses, especially during … Continue reading Keeping Boys Safe from Respiratory Viruses

Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction Google that term and you’ll get 95 million results — and the first one is for an addiction treatment center. But is video game addiction really “a thing?” More importantly — what can parents do if they think their kid’s gaming is out of control? Step one, says Chris Ferguson, a psychology … Continue reading Video Game Addiction

The Tyler Merritt Project on Helping Boys Survive Mistakes

Before he started The Tyler Merritt Project or created his viral video, Before You Call the Cops, Tyler Merritt was a confused, young black boy trying to make sense of all the expectations and stereotypes swirling around him. “I wish somebody had really sat down with me as a young person and simply said, ‘Hey, … Continue reading The Tyler Merritt Project on Helping Boys Survive Mistakes

Another View of Wilderness Therapy

Is wilderness therapy a good choice for troubled boys?  For boys who are self-harming, self-medicating with alcohol or drugs, or in trouble with the law? Is wilderness therapy the solution for families who have tried everything and are desperate to help their sons? It can be, says Jane (name changed at her request, to protect … Continue reading Another View of Wilderness Therapy

Practical Parenting Strategies (w Amy Williams)

Need some practical parenting strategies to help you manage hitting, backtalk and disobedience?  Amy Williams has solutions. Amy is a school counselor who also helps overwhelmed and stuck parents. And let’s be real: we all feel overwhelmed, stuck, and unsure at various points during our parenting journey. Giving ourselves grace is step one to moving … Continue reading Practical Parenting Strategies (w Amy Williams)

Hunt Gather Parent with Michaeleen Doucleff

Hunt, Gather, Parent, by Michaeleen Doucleff, shares ancient wisdom that’s still relevant today: the key to raising healthy, happy, helpful humans is to engage them in work of the family and community.  That’s a truth we seem to have forgotten in our collective desire to optimize our kids. Our intentions are good, but our actions … Continue reading Hunt Gather Parent with Michaeleen Doucleff

Teaching Boys to Drive

Teaching boys to drive can be exciting, scary. and intimidating. Boys are more likely than girls to speed, drink while driving, and take chances when they have passengers in the car. “I think he thought driving was going to be super intuitive,” says Carole, mom of Lucas, a newly-licensed driver. “When we started, he was … Continue reading Teaching Boys to Drive

The Fully Human Parent by Steve Biddulph

Let legendary parenting author Steve Biddulph teach you how to be a fully human parent. His book, Fully Human: A New Way of Using Your Mind, came out a few months ago and Janet talked to him about it then. Later this month, he’s releasing a brand new online talk about being a fully human parent, … Continue reading The Fully Human Parent by Steve Biddulph

Parenting Boys thru Divorce

Parenting boys thru divorce is…challenging. Hard. Not fun. And also, important and worthy of your best effort. Unfortunately, most people going through divorce are not exactly in peak condition. Divorce and separation is all kinds of stressful, and it’s near-impossible to be your best self when so much of your time and energy is focused … Continue reading Parenting Boys thru Divorce

Healthy Sports Parenting

Is healthy sports parenting possible? At elite levels of competition? If you watched the 2020 summer Olympics (held summer 2021), you know that the stress & strain of elite competition was a big focus this year. Simone Biles had the “twisties.” Michael Phelps talked about his bouts with depression. A few months after the Olympics, … Continue reading Healthy Sports Parenting