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Adam Price: “He’s Not Lazy”

Powered by RedCircle Dr. Adam Price’s book, He’s Not Lazy, is one that parents of teenage boys frequently recommend to each other. There’s good reason for that: He’s Not Lazy: Empowering Your Son to Believe in Himself addresses parents’ fears and concerns about their “unmotivated,” “under-performing” teenage sons. Stop Worrying About Your Boys Fear is … Continue reading Adam Price: “He’s Not Lazy”

FBI: Sextortion Targets Boys

Powered by RedCircle Sextortion disproportionately affects boys. Between October 2021 & March 2023, the FBI & Homeland Security Investigation received more than 13,000 reports of online sextortion of minors. Most of the victims were boys. At least 20 boys have already died by suicide after experiencing sextortion. The FBI is so concerned about these trends … Continue reading FBI: Sextortion Targets Boys

Listener Q & A: Getting Curious & Motivating Boys

Powered by RedCircle How, exactly, does one “get curious” about their son without badgering him? That’s a big, important question, and that’s exactly what Jennifer wants to know: Lately, as he is resisting my normal questioning…I feel like I am now pushing him to evaluate his feelings, talk to me, or just engage…I have seen … Continue reading Listener Q & A: Getting Curious & Motivating Boys

Modern Male Puberty is Awkward

Powered by RedCircle Modern male puberty starts earlier than you think. It may start as early as age 9 in boys – which means that the mood swings you’re seeing in your 10-year-old son could well be puberty-related. After all, as Cara Natterson & Vanessa Kroll Bennett write in their book This is So Awkward: … Continue reading Modern Male Puberty is Awkward

Best of 2023

Powered by RedCircle Which ON BOYS episodes were the Best of 2023?  Your favorites include: 5. Simplicity Parenting with Kim John Payne Simplicity parenting prioritizes a balanced schedule, predictable rhythm, and decluttered, information-filtered family environment… The antidote to constant overwhelm is simple, Payne says. It’s simplicity. He advises parents to “dial back”… 4. Parental Accommodation & … Continue reading Best of 2023

Christopher Pepper Discusses Health Education and Boys

Powered by RedCircle Health education varies greatly from place to place. Some boys receive great, age-appropriate, inclusive health education at school. Others do not. “It’s pretty inconsistent,” says Christopher Pepper, a health educator who currently teaches in the San Francisco Unified School District & is working on a book called TALK TO YOUR BOYS: 27 … Continue reading Christopher Pepper Discusses Health Education and Boys

Teen Boys’ Emotional Lives

Powered by RedCircle Teen boys mystify (and frustrate) their parents. Especially their moms. But there’s a lot going on behind and beneath that sometimes stony exterior. Teen boys are not devoid of emotions; in fact, they devote a lot of time and attention to managing and controlling their emotions. They may not show their emotions … Continue reading Teen Boys’ Emotional Lives

Listener Q & A: Supporting Sibling Relationships, Finding Common Ground & More

Powered by RedCircle How do you support sibling relationships and build brother-sister bonds? Or connect with a tween son? Those are just a few of the questions Jen & Janet tackle in 2023’s first listener Q & A. Matthew says: We have 3 boys (15, 17, & 19) and 3 girls (2, 9, & 13)…our … Continue reading Listener Q & A: Supporting Sibling Relationships, Finding Common Ground & More

Parenting Teenage Boys with Lee Bare

Parenting teenage boys is a challenge. And an opportunity. In some ways, says child and adolescent psychologist Lee Bare, parenting a teenage boy is like parenting a newborn. “You have to be prepared for anything and you never know what kind of mood they’re going to wake up in,” says Lee, who is also the … Continue reading Parenting Teenage Boys with Lee Bare

Navigating Race, Gender & Motherhood So White

Nefertiti Austin’s son was 6 yrs old when she realized he’d “have to learn that his race and gender could get him killed,” she writes in Motherhood So White: A Memoir of Race, Gender, and Parenting in America. That’s not a lesson white boys have to learn, and that’s one consequence of living in a … Continue reading Navigating Race, Gender & Motherhood So White