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Women are America’s Safety Net & That’s a Problem for Boys

Powered by RedCircle Women are America’s safety net.  Women provide the vast majority of child and elder care and care for the disabled. Women do the bulk of home- and community-tending, and they create and reinforce the ties that bind us together. Most of that labor is unpaid — and the little that is paid … Continue reading Women are America’s Safety Net & That’s a Problem for Boys

Adam Price: “He’s Not Lazy”

Powered by RedCircle Dr. Adam Price’s book, He’s Not Lazy, is one that parents of teenage boys frequently recommend to each other. There’s good reason for that: He’s Not Lazy: Empowering Your Son to Believe in Himself addresses parents’ fears and concerns about their “unmotivated,” “under-performing” teenage sons. Stop Worrying About Your Boys Fear is … Continue reading Adam Price: “He’s Not Lazy”

BoyMom Ruth Whippman on Reimagining Boyhood

Powered by RedCircle BoyMom Ruth Whippman has spent significant time reimagining boyhood. As a mom of 3 boys, she knows that raising boys today is a complex endeavor. As she writes in her book, BOYMOM: Reimagining Boyhood in the Age of Impossible Masculinity, “Boys in America (and worldwide) are going through something of a crisis … Continue reading BoyMom Ruth Whippman on Reimagining Boyhood

Connecting With Boys & Answering Your Questions

Powered by RedCircle In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss: The end of an era (Jen’s last son finishes high school!) What Jen will NOT miss about having a kid a school How parenting is like labor & birth Transactional vs. relational communication Letting boys take control of aspects of their life Rebuilding trust Apologizing … Continue reading Connecting With Boys & Answering Your Questions

Opioids & Narcan: What You Need to Know

Powered by RedCircle If you think you don’t know anybody who takes opioids, have you asked? Those are the word of Julia Pinksy, an Oregon-based mom who lost her son to an opioid overdose. “It’s been 10 years since he passed,” she says,”which seems unbeleivable.” In the years since, Julia has devoted herself to opioid … Continue reading Opioids & Narcan: What You Need to Know

Do Schools Create “Problem Boys?”

Powered by RedCircle Boys don’t do as well in school as girls. On the whole, they earn lower grades and more disciplinary referrals. You will typically find more boys in detention than at the top of the class. Are boys the problem? Is there something about masculinity, something about male biology that contributes to these … Continue reading Do Schools Create “Problem Boys?”

Protein, Creatine, & Performance Enhancing Drugs

Powered by RedCircle Protein, creatine, & performance enhancing drugs are common in boy world. In fact, most teen boys experiment with them at some point. Approximately 80% of teenage boys say they’ve used a protein supplement within the last 12 months, says Kyle Ganson, an assistant professor who researches boys and body image. “There’s a … Continue reading Protein, Creatine, & Performance Enhancing Drugs

Advocating for Boys

Powered by RedCircle Advocating for boys is one way to help boys and men thrive. At present, there are no governmental commissions working on behalf of boys and men in the United States. Not at the federal level & not at the state level. Even though boys lag behind girls in academic achievement and boys … Continue reading Advocating for Boys

Gifted & Twice-Exceptional (2E) Boys

Powered by RedCircle Gifted & twice-exceptional boys often struggle in school, despite their intelligence & talents. In fact, boys who are gifted or twice-exceptional (which means they are gifted & have a learning disability) are considered “problem kids.” Teachers (and other adults) may make boredom as lack of focus, or assume that poor grades indicate … Continue reading Gifted & Twice-Exceptional (2E) Boys

Real Talk About Fentanyl, Opioids, & Marijuana

Powered by RedCircle Like it or not, fentanyl, other opioids, and marijuana are part of our boys’ world. “It is very easy to get drugs on social media,” says Michelle Leopold, a mother whose son, Trevor, died after taking a pill he purchase online. Ignoring these uncomfortable fact isn’t helpful. We have to educate ourselves … Continue reading Real Talk About Fentanyl, Opioids, & Marijuana