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Raising Empowered Athletes w Kirsten Jones

Powered by RedCircle Raising Empowered Athletes, by former D1 athlete Kirsten Jones, is the book parents need to navigate today’s youth sports culture. Kids do not need to begin formal sports instruction in preschool, and they don’t need to specialize in a single sport in order to succeed or excel, Kirsten says. In fact, she … Continue reading Raising Empowered Athletes w Kirsten Jones

Whole Child Sports: Alternative to Toxic Youth Sports Culture

Powered by RedCircle Whole child sports emphasizes wholesome, safe, and developmentally appropriate athletic experiences for kids. It is the antithesis of the toxic, highly competitive youth sports culture that’s unfortunately become the norm here in the United States. Scott Lancaster, a sports performance coach who worked with the NFL; Luis Fernando Llosa, an investigative reporter … Continue reading Whole Child Sports: Alternative to Toxic Youth Sports Culture

Linda Flanagan: Youth Sports are Out of Control

Powered by RedCircle Linda Flanagan says youth sports are out of control. And she should know. Flanagan is a former youth athlete, cross country coach, mother of a young athletes, and the author of Take Back the Game: How Money and Mania are Ruining Kids’ Sports – and Why It Matters. “If your goal is … Continue reading Linda Flanagan: Youth Sports are Out of Control

Sports & Masculinity

Sports and masculinity have long been intertwined. For a long time, boys and men were the only ones who were allowed to play sports. Athletic fields and locker rooms were seen as places where boys became men. We’ve seen where that can lead. We’ve seen little boys & teenagers told to “man up!”, “rub some … Continue reading Sports & Masculinity

Healthy Sports Parenting

Is healthy sports parenting possible? At elite levels of competition? If you watched the 2020 summer Olympics (held summer 2021), you know that the stress & strain of elite competition was a big focus this year. Simone Biles had the “twisties.” Michael Phelps talked about his bouts with depression. A few months after the Olympics, … Continue reading Healthy Sports Parenting

Coaches Speak about Youth Sports

Youth sports are a BIG DEAL.  According to ESPN, 28.7 million American kids between the ages of 6 and 17 played youth sports in 2013. That number is likely low; many kids start well before age 6. Gone are the days when boys started Little League at age 10 or 11. Today, T-ball begins at … Continue reading Coaches Speak about Youth Sports

149: All About E-sports

Competitive video gaming may be coming soon to a school near you. E-sports  (short for “electronic sports”) is a $900 million dollar global industry. In South Korea, top video game players are household names, and matches are televised. Here in the United States, more than 80 colleges and universities, including Kent State and the University … Continue reading 149: All About E-sports

132: Risk-Taking Boys with Mom Judi Ketteler

Would you let your 10-year-old son hang out with a bunch of teenagers you haven’t met? Would you let him attempt a double or triple flip in the trampoline in the backyard – or manage his own Instagram account? Writer and mom Judi Ketteler has. In a society that spends so much time telling boys … Continue reading 132: Risk-Taking Boys with Mom Judi Ketteler

103: Sports and Boys Who Don’t Like Them

Sports are a HUGE part of boy world — and that’s a problem for boys who aren’t interested in or don’t particularly enjoy athletics. In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss: Why it’s so important for parents to separate their athletic ambitions from their sons’ How families can resist social pressure to sign up for … Continue reading 103: Sports and Boys Who Don’t Like Them