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Debt Free Mom Discusses Family Finances

Powered by RedCircle “Debt Free Mom” (aka Carly Hill) knows that family finances can be a fraught topic. Yet family finances affect every aspect of family life: A family’s stress level, as well as housing, education, and recreational choices. Family finances play into decisions such as rec sports or travel team? Private school or public … Continue reading Debt Free Mom Discusses Family Finances

Maggie Dent: Build Up Dads to Benefit Boys

Powered by RedCircle Many Dads want to “step up with their hearts” and “actively parent,” says Maggie Dent, Australian parenting author and host of The Good Enough Dad and Parental As Anything podcasts.  “They want to know how to do it well,” she says, noting that most dads have little experience caring for (or interacting … Continue reading Maggie Dent: Build Up Dads to Benefit Boys

Middle School: Misunderstood or Magic?

Powered by RedCircle Is middle school misunderstood — or magic? For most of us — and many of our kids — middle school is a pretty miserable time. But that’s largely because most educators and parents misunderstand middle schoolers & these critical years. “This is a very pervasive story, that middle school is terrible. But … Continue reading Middle School: Misunderstood or Magic?

Needed: Boy-Friendly Schools

Powered by RedCircle Most schools today aren’t boy-friendly.  That’s one (big!) reason why boys lag behind girls academically. And why so many boys hate going to school. Tyler, a 16-year-old Texas boy, started struggling in middle school. Recess was no more. Classes were 90 minutes long. So, “he found it really hard to sit still … Continue reading Needed: Boy-Friendly Schools