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Opioids & Narcan: What You Need to Know

Powered by RedCircle If you think you don’t know anybody who takes opioids, have you asked? Those are the word of Julia Pinksy, an Oregon-based mom who lost her son to an opioid overdose. “It’s been 10 years since he passed,” she says,”which seems unbeleivable.” In the years since, Julia has devoted herself to opioid … Continue reading Opioids & Narcan: What You Need to Know

Do Schools Create “Problem Boys?”

Powered by RedCircle Boys don’t do as well in school as girls. On the whole, they earn lower grades and more disciplinary referrals. You will typically find more boys in detention than at the top of the class. Are boys the problem? Is there something about masculinity, something about male biology that contributes to these … Continue reading Do Schools Create “Problem Boys?”

FBI: Sextortion Targets Boys

Powered by RedCircle Sextortion disproportionately affects boys. Between October 2021 & March 2023, the FBI & Homeland Security Investigation received more than 13,000 reports of online sextortion of minors. Most of the victims were boys. At least 20 boys have already died by suicide after experiencing sextortion. The FBI is so concerned about these trends … Continue reading FBI: Sextortion Targets Boys