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Do Schools Create “Problem Boys?”

Powered by RedCircle Boys don’t do as well in school as girls. On the whole, they earn lower grades and more disciplinary referrals. You will typically find more boys in detention than at the top of the class. Are boys the problem? Is there something about masculinity, something about male biology that contributes to these … Continue reading Do Schools Create “Problem Boys?”

Gifted & Twice-Exceptional (2E) Boys

Powered by RedCircle Gifted & twice-exceptional boys often struggle in school, despite their intelligence & talents. In fact, boys who are gifted or twice-exceptional (which means they are gifted & have a learning disability) are considered “problem kids.” Teachers (and other adults) may make boredom as lack of focus, or assume that poor grades indicate … Continue reading Gifted & Twice-Exceptional (2E) Boys

Middle School: Misunderstood or Magic?

Powered by RedCircle Is middle school misunderstood — or magic? For most of us — and many of our kids — middle school is a pretty miserable time. But that’s largely because most educators and parents misunderstand middle schoolers & these critical years. “This is a very pervasive story, that middle school is terrible. But … Continue reading Middle School: Misunderstood or Magic?

Needed: Boy-Friendly Schools

Powered by RedCircle Most schools today aren’t boy-friendly.  That’s one (big!) reason why boys lag behind girls academically. And why so many boys hate going to school. Tyler, a 16-year-old Texas boy, started struggling in middle school. Recess was no more. Classes were 90 minutes long. So, “he found it really hard to sit still … Continue reading Needed: Boy-Friendly Schools

Set Boys Up for School Success

Powered by RedCircle How can boys experience school success?  Parents and educators frequently ask, “How do we help boys thrive in school?” A question we rarely ask is, What can boys do to set themselves up for school success? What can we do to help boys successfully navigate school? “It’s really essential that we, as parents … Continue reading Set Boys Up for School Success

Color Blindness in Boys

Powered by RedCircle Color blindness affects a lot of boys. In fact, 1 in 12 males are color blind. They perceive color differently than most humans. Some see shades of tan instead of vivid reds and greens. Some see life in black, white, and grey. Many don’t realize that they see things differently than their … Continue reading Color Blindness in Boys

Boys in School Task Force

Powered by RedCircle Division 51 of the American Psychological Association launched a Task Force on Boys in School in 2020. Finally! Boys do worse in school, on average, than girls. Boys are more likely to be disciplined, suspended, or expelled than girls — even when their behavior is similar. They’re also less likely to graduate or go … Continue reading Boys in School Task Force

Building Boys’ Reading and Literacy Skills

Reading and literacy are important life skills. But many boys struggle with reading and writing — and resist parents’ and teachers’ well-intended efforts to help them. Lots of boys are reluctant readers. Many hate writing. Teaching boys to read Middle school literacy instructional coach Todd Feltman says, “reading has to be taught in increments,” especially … Continue reading Building Boys’ Reading and Literacy Skills

The Gender Equation in Schools

 Gender bias affects boys’ experience in schools. It’s most often unconscious and unintentional bias but it affects how our boys see themselves and how they feel about school and learning. And until we admit that fact and grapple with the gender equation in schools, things aren’t going to get much better. Educator Jason Ablin learned that … Continue reading The Gender Equation in Schools

How Microschools and Black Moms May End the School to Prison Pipeline

When they realized that schools wouldn’t change quickly enough to meet their kids’ needs, members of the Black Mothers Forum opened microschools, with an eye toward ending the school to prison pipeline. Existing school leaders and educators “really did not understand how to create a safe and supportive learning environment for our Black children,” say … Continue reading How Microschools and Black Moms May End the School to Prison Pipeline