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Gifted & Twice-Exceptional (2E) Boys

Powered by RedCircle Gifted & twice-exceptional boys often struggle in school, despite their intelligence & talents. In fact, boys who are gifted or twice-exceptional (which means they are gifted & have a learning disability) are considered “problem kids.” Teachers (and other adults) may make boredom as lack of focus, or assume that poor grades indicate … Continue reading Gifted & Twice-Exceptional (2E) Boys

Sex Ed for Neurodiverse Kids

Powered by RedCircle Neurodiverse kids need comprehensive sex education too. “It’s a fundamental human right to have this information – & so important to their health & safety,” says Amy Lang, creator of Birds + Bees + Kids, a fantastic resource for parents, childcare providers and educators. Myths About Neurodiversity & Sexuality Many people (including well-meaning … Continue reading Sex Ed for Neurodiverse Kids

Helping Boys with Executive Function Challenges

You might not even realize you have a boy with executive function challenges. Instead, you (or others) might think he’s “disorganized,” “lazy,” “resistant,” or “unmotivated.” Seth Perler was one of those boys. Now, he’s an executive function coach who helps other kids develop the skills they need to thrive. Seth is also the founder of … Continue reading Helping Boys with Executive Function Challenges

Highly Sensitive People Can Thrive

Highly sensitive people — boys & parents alike — are prone to overwhelm.  They’re also likely to be misunderstood (and, perhaps, misdirected) by parents, teachers, coaches, and others. “I was told my entire life, ‘You’re too damn sensitive,’” says Alane Freund, a licensed psychotherapist, highly sensitive person (HSP), & parent a of highly sensitive son. … Continue reading Highly Sensitive People Can Thrive

You Can Thrive with Chronic Illness and Special Needs

Yes, you can thrive with chronic illness and special needs. In fact, you can create a Very Happy Story no matter what challenges you’re dealing with on the home front. Liza Blas, a mom of two, created the Very Happy Stories podcast and blog after realizing that her overwhelm was overwhelming her family. She also … Continue reading You Can Thrive with Chronic Illness and Special Needs

Constant Chaos Parenting with ADHD

Parenting a child with ADHD or neurodivergence can be challenging. Especially if you’re also neurodivergent. “When my youngest son was about 3 weeks old, he started crying and it really never stopped,” says Rachel Blatt, co-host of the podcast Constant Chaos. At first, they thought it was colic, but visits to multiple gastrointestinal specialists didn’t … Continue reading Constant Chaos Parenting with ADHD

Autism Rocks and Rolls

About 1 in 54 children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The key word in that sentence is “spectrum.” Some people with ASD are nonverbal; some are highly verbal. Some avoid physical contact; some enjoy it. As one popular saying puts it,  “Once you’ve met one … Continue reading Autism Rocks and Rolls