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Parenting “Spicy” Boys

Powered by RedCircle “Spicy” boys are those who express themselves in big and loud ways, feel things intensely, and have energy to spare, says Mary Van Geffen, a popular Instagrammer and parent coach for Spicy Ones. Spicy kids “have so much loyalty toward their own soul — and less to the adults’ agenda,” Mary says. … Continue reading Parenting “Spicy” Boys

Highly Sensitive People Can Thrive

Highly sensitive people — boys & parents alike — are prone to overwhelm.  They’re also likely to be misunderstood (and, perhaps, misdirected) by parents, teachers, coaches, and others. “I was told my entire life, ‘You’re too damn sensitive,’” says Alane Freund, a licensed psychotherapist, highly sensitive person (HSP), & parent a of highly sensitive son. … Continue reading Highly Sensitive People Can Thrive

Highly Sensitive Boys with William Allen

Do you have a highly sensitive boy? Perhaps your son has been called “too sensitive” or “too emotional.” Maybe he is easily overwhelmed, especially when he’s surrounded by a lot of sensory stimuli.  Approximately 10% of all males are thought to be highly sensitive — and often, others imply that they aren’t “man enough.” In … Continue reading Highly Sensitive Boys with William Allen