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Listener Q & A: Punishment, Teenage Boys, & Letting Go

Powered by RedCircle How do you make space for a teenage boy to make his own mistakes? Especially when said teenager is frustrating, annoying, and contributing to family chaos? Sandra said: Teenager years are frustrating — wanting to tell him what do, yet I know he needs to make his own mistakes. Throw in toddler … Continue reading Listener Q & A: Punishment, Teenage Boys, & Letting Go

Puberty, Perimenopause, & Midlife Parenting

Powered by RedCircle Midlife parenting often means navigating puberty and perimenopause at the same time. The average age of first parenthood has increased in recent years, so many moms now find themselves going thru perimenopause around the same time their kids hit puberty, according to a 2021 New York Times Parenting Newsletter article titled, When … Continue reading Puberty, Perimenopause, & Midlife Parenting