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YouTube, Misogyny, & Racism

Powered by RedCircle YouTube isn’t all entertainment and education. Misogyny, racism, and porn lurk there too. It can be really difficult to keep up with what our boys are watching online, though. Creators come & go, interests change, one click can lead to, well, anywhere. Boys love YouTube YouTube is ubiquitous these days. Gaming and … Continue reading YouTube, Misogyny, & Racism

Listener Q & A: Punishment, Teenage Boys, & Letting Go

Powered by RedCircle How do you make space for a teenage boy to make his own mistakes? Especially when said teenager is frustrating, annoying, and contributing to family chaos? Sandra said: Teenager years are frustrating — wanting to tell him what do, yet I know he needs to make his own mistakes. Throw in toddler … Continue reading Listener Q & A: Punishment, Teenage Boys, & Letting Go

Celebrating Moms on Mother’s Day

Powered by RedCircle Mother’s Day is a day to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children. At least, that was the intent of Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day in the United States This year, we’re also celebrating the many ways in which mothering has enhanced our lives. (“You can’t stay stagnant as a … Continue reading Celebrating Moms on Mother’s Day