Maggie Dent: Build Up Dads to Benefit Boys

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Many Dads want to “step up with their hearts” and “actively parent,” says Maggie Dent, Australian parenting author and host of The Good Enough Dad and Parental As Anything podcasts. 

“They want to know how to do it well,” she says, noting that most dads have little experience caring for (or interacting with!) children prior to becoming a parent. Moms, though, often unconsciously interfere with dads’ parenting efforts by criticizing fathers or insisting that dads follow their parenting directives.

“If you keep telling a boy or a man they’re ‘doing it wrong,’ they’ll just stop,” Maggie says. “Moms have to let go a bit. You’ve got to step back.”

Dads need time to figure out parenting too. They need space to make mistakes (& discoveries!) And they need to know that we value their contributions.

Boys (and girls and nonbinary children) do best when dads are involved. Building up dads benefits boys!

In this episode, Jen, Janet, & Maggie discuss:
  • Changing expectations for dads
  • Maternal gatekeeping
  • Creating “team parent”
  • How dads support one another
  • Using “dad dates” to connect with your kids
  • Supporting dads
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