140 Maggie Dent on Mothering Our Boys (Part 2)

Photo by cotaro70s via Flickr


Want your boys to develop gentleness and empathy? Get a guinea pig.

So says Maggie Dent, Australia’s BOY CHAMPION, mother of four grown boys and author of Mothering Our Boys: A Guide for Mums of Sons. 

If you haven’t yet heard Part 1 of our conversation, toggle over and listen to that episode first.

Then dig into Part 2. Some highlights:

“It’s really annoying that we still speak more harshly to little boys.”

“‘Boys will be boys’ is not acceptable without boundaries. However, you can’t punish a little boy for something he did unintentionally.”

“The #1 biological calling for males, still, is to be the defender and protector.”

“Natural consequences are the best teacher. Sometimes, we have to celebrate the owies and ouchies and not see them as a sign of bad parenting.”

In this episode, Maggie, Janet & Jen discuss:
    • How to help elementary school boys handle their frustration when they get in trouble at school
    • Boys’ inclination toward protecting others
    • How to support boys’ interest in superhero boy & play fighting
    • How to deconstruct the “man code” and help boys’ live authentically
    • How to talk so boys will listen
    • The importance of social-emotional development and learning
    • Boys’ friendships — & how moms can help their sons develop important relationship skills
    • “Rooster” boys & “lamb” boys, & what they need from their parents & teachers

  • How (& why) natural consequences help boys learn
  • Why stepping back — and allowing your son to make his own choices — may be the best gift you can give your son


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