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Parental Accommodation & ADHD

Powered by RedCircle Parental accommodation can limit the skill development of kids with (and without) ADHD.  Many boys with ADHD or other executive function challenges struggle despite diagnosis, treatment, and well-intended help — in part because they and their family have received less-than-stellar advice and support. And because loving families often unwittingly accommodate (and reinforce) … Continue reading Parental Accommodation & ADHD

Lads Need Dads with Sonia Shaljean

Powered by RedCircle Lads need dads, says Sonia Shaljean, director of the UK-based organization Lads Need Dads, one of the only projects in the country working to proactively address the impact of the absent father on boys aged 11-15. Many boys with absent or uninvolved fathers, of course, turn out perfectly okay. But many don’t. … Continue reading Lads Need Dads with Sonia Shaljean

Teen Boys’ Emotional Lives

Powered by RedCircle Teen boys mystify (and frustrate) their parents. Especially their moms. But there’s a lot going on behind and beneath that sometimes stony exterior. Teen boys are not devoid of emotions; in fact, they devote a lot of time and attention to managing and controlling their emotions. They may not show their emotions … Continue reading Teen Boys’ Emotional Lives

Listener Q & A: Supporting Sibling Relationships, Finding Common Ground & More

Powered by RedCircle How do you support sibling relationships and build brother-sister bonds? Or connect with a tween son? Those are just a few of the questions Jen & Janet tackle in 2023’s first listener Q & A. Matthew says: We have 3 boys (15, 17, & 19) and 3 girls (2, 9, & 13)…our … Continue reading Listener Q & A: Supporting Sibling Relationships, Finding Common Ground & More