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Emily Edlynn on a Healthier Approach to Tech

Powered by RedCircle Child psychologist Emily Edlynn says a healthier approach to tech is good for the whole family.  As she wrote in her Substack newsletter, the currently popular shame-blame-restrict approach to social media, screens, and gaming isn’t working particularly well. Emily sas: Parents’ hyper-focus on screen time, gaming, or phones can have more negative … Continue reading Emily Edlynn on a Healthier Approach to Tech

Autonomy-Supportive Parenting

Powered by RedCircle Have you heard of autonomy-supportive parenting?  Essentially, it’s the opposite of helicopter parenting. It’s a parenting style that allows, supports, and encourages kids to make decisions and take action. And unlike helicopter parenting, which demands near-constant parental activity, autonomy-supportive parenting also supports parental rest (and can reduce burnout). “Intensive parenting is not … Continue reading Autonomy-Supportive Parenting