Keeping Boys Safe from Respiratory Viruses

Did you know that boys may be more susceptible to respiratory viruses than girls?

Society tells us that boys are strong and tough, but the truth is that males are biologically fragile — from before birth all the way through to death. Male fetuses are more likely to be miscarried than female fetuses, especially during stressful times. Men tend to have weaker immune systems than women, and males are more susceptible to all kinds of viral respiratory illnesses, including the common cold, influenza respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and COVID-19. Males who contract COVID-19 are more likely than females with the same illness to land in the hospital and develop complications.

Handwashing, plenty of sleep, fresh diet and a healthy diet can all bolster boys’ immune systems. Given the amount of “crud” out there this time of year, you may want to take some extra steps to protect your son’s respiratory health — and minimize the number of sick days your family has this year!

Most respiratory viruses spread through the air. Infected people exhale the virus, which can linger in the air. Others in the area unknowingly inhale the virus — and often become sick a few days later. Wearing a well-fitting mask in public places can dramatically decrease the chances of your son (and your family) contracting a respiratory illness.

“Nobody wants to wear a mask,” says Jim Rathburn, CEO of of LCP Medical and a dad & grandfather of boys. “But societally, I think we have reached a new normal where wearing a mask is important in some situations.”

Consider wearing masks:

  • At the grocery store
  • On public transportation
  • In school settings
  • At airports

“Those are high risk areas where you don’t know if other people are infected or there’s something floating around in the atmosphere,” Jim says. “There’s at least 100 different viruses out there that want to join your cells. Some of them are relatively benign and some of them are a huge threat to life.

“It doesn’t take much just to wear a protective mask that can prevent you from getting something.”

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In this episode, Jen, Janet & Jim discuss:
  • Boys’ vulnerability to respiratory viruses
  • How respiratory viruses spread
  • How masks decrease transmission of respiratory viruses
  • Characteristics of effective masks
  • Why we’re all increasingly susceptible to the common cold
  • Truth about parenting boys!
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