Parenting Boys with Maggie Dent – Part 2

More Maggie Dent!

(If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1 of our conversation, go listen to that one first. Then come back for more Maggie!)

In this episode, Maggie, Janet & Jen discuss:
  • How to help elementary school boys handle their frustration when they get in trouble at school
  • Boys’ inclination toward protecting others
  • How to support boys’ interest in superhero boy & play fighting
  • How to deconstruct the “man code” and help boys’ live authentically
  • How to talk so boys will listen
  • The importance of social-emotional development and learning
  • Boys’ friendships — & how moms can help their sons develop important relationship skills
  • “Rooster” boys & “lamb” boys, & what they need from their parents & teachers
Links we mentioned (or should have) in this episode:

Mothering Our Boys: A Guide for Mums of Sons — Maggie’s latest book

“This is the book I’m on the earth to write.” — Maggie Dent — Maggie’s website. Jam-packed with resources!

Let Grow —  The new website of Lenore Skenazy, of Free-Range Kids fame

Dear mums of smelly, unmotivated, lazy, moody and confused 14 year old boys — one of Maggie’s best blog posts

Maggie Dent on YouTube –– Pro Tip: These short videos are great to share with dads!

Episode 129: Grief with Tom Golden

How to Listen to Him — So He Will Want to Talk to You

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