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Supporting LGBTQ+ Kids

Powered by RedCircle Supporting LGBTQ+ kids helps them become healthy adults. Jo Langford is a father, therapist, and author of The Pride Guide: A Guide to Social and Sexual health for LGBTQ Youth and Spare Me “The Talk!” (for both boy-identified and girl-identified youth). He helps kids and parents navigate sexuality, gender, media, and technology. … Continue reading Supporting LGBTQ+ Kids

Which Apps are APPropriate? (w Jo Langford)

How much do you know about the apps KIK, WeChat and My LOL? If you’re like most parents, the answer is “not much” (if anything!). You know that cell phones and social media are an important part of tween and teen culture — in fact, digital communication is the primary source of social connection for … Continue reading Which Apps are APPropriate? (w Jo Langford)

128: 21st Century Sex Ed with Jo Langford

The standard “birds and bees” sex talk doesn’t work any more. (If it ever really did!) Today, parents have to address pornography, homosexuality, gender and consent. If you feel nervous tackling those topics, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Sex educator and therapist Jo Langford routinely helps parents navigate these tricky conversations. Langford is the author … Continue reading 128: 21st Century Sex Ed with Jo Langford