Listener Q & A: Boy Communication, Socialization, & Girl Power

Why do boys….?

Bringing up boys brings up all kinds of questions! Jen & Janet have answers.

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Tamara asks:

Why do boys communicate through physical touch/aggression and use sarcasm for communication rather than regular conversation?

Katrina worries that her son may be alienating himself from his friends — and missing out on social opportunities — because he’s so dedicated to his sport. She says:

I’m afraid he’s distancing himself from his friends and will one day find himself without them. How do I bring it up without seeming like a nag??

Elena wants help answering her son’s question:

My older son complained that, “all the girls wear ‘girl power’ shirts… why don’t they have ‘boy power’-type shirts?”

and says:

 My son wants to feel powerful and able to say it without being considered a pompous ass. But… how? Are there any “boy power” slogans and tees that don’t undermine others or make him look like our family doesn’t respect the accomplishments of all types of people??

Jessy asks:

Will raising a strong-willed boy be too challenging for elder and sick parents to handle when he reaches teenage age?

In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss:
  • Boy communication
  • Sarcasm vs. disrespect
  • Roughhousing & aggression
  • Whether parents should push boys to socialize
  • Helping boys navigate girl power
  • Raising strong-willed boys
  • Parenting when you’re not physically or emotionally well
  • Intergenerational friendships
  • Asking for help
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