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More Wisdom from Teacher Tom

Powered by RedCircle Kids “haven’t changed at all” during the 20+ years Teacher Tom has been working with young children, he says. Parents have, though. And so has society. There’s an increased concern for safety and academic performance, and a lot of anxiety about kids’ futures. “I think there’s more fear, and more fear of … Continue reading More Wisdom from Teacher Tom

It’s a Confusing Time to Be a Boy

This is a really confusing time to be a boy in the United States. That’s one of (the many!) insights Ryan Wexelblatt — aka ADHD Dude — gained while working with 14 and 15 year old boys during his ADHD Dude Summer Camp this year. In a Facebook post, he wrote: These guys see their … Continue reading It’s a Confusing Time to Be a Boy

Teaching Boys Social Skills

Boys interact differently than girls do. Sure, some of that is socialization. (A lot of that is probably socialization.) But the fact remains: boys’ interactions on the playground, in school and at home are different than girls’. The way boys greet and play with one another is different than the way girls do so — … Continue reading Teaching Boys Social Skills