Trust Yourself Mama (w Kelly Goodwin)

Kelly Goodwin is boy mom extraordinaire.

Kelly Goodwin w her husband & 5 boys
Kelly Goodwin w her husband & 5 boys

She’s got 5 boys (currently ages 8-16), a degree in child development and a slew of nieces and nephews. If parenting boys has taught her anything, it’s the power of trusting your instincts. That’s why she launched Trust Yourself Mama, a YouTube channel that encourages parents of young children to trust themselves. Kelly’s videos are short & sweet, so they’re perfect for time-swamped parents who need a bit of encouragement and insight.

Thanks to the internet (and podcasts!), parents today have instantaneous access to more parenting information than our grandparents could have ever envisioned. But all of that information can be a bit overwhelming. Kelly reminds us that we parents know our kids better than anyone. The parenting tips we find online might sound great, but only we can decide if those tips will be effective or helpful in our families.

Kelly’s videos are designed to be conversation-starters. You can watch them with your spouse or parenting partner, and then discuss your reactions. Her videos give you the chance to think carefully about your parenting goals and choose strategies aligned with your family values and goals.

Kelly is quick to tell you that she doesn’t have all the answer. Five boys and 16 years into parenting, she’s still not sure when her boys need a dose of reality and when it would be better to simply encourage their dreams.


In this episode, Janet, Jen & Kelly discuss:

  • How to decide when to send your son to school (especially if he has a late summer birthday)
  • Making tough parenting decisions
  • Learning to “adjust on the fly”
  • Why it’s important to understand what motivates each of your children
  • The value of intuition in parenting
  • How a family mission statement can help you make effective parenting decisions
  • The importance of consistency in parenting
  • How our emotions can hijack our parenting
  • Boys’ desire for a cheerleader
  • Self-care for busy moms — & why it’s not selfish
  • The stupid questions people ask parents of all boys, including the ever-popular “So, you gonna keep trying for a girl?”
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