Happy SECOND Anniversary to ON BOYS

Two years.

More than 100 episodes covering important topics such as boys & sex, masculinity, ADHD, mental health, honesty & so much more.

But on our SECOND anniversary, we’re most grateful for the relationships we’ve created. We’re no longer simply co-hosts or colleagues; we’re friends. We enjoy talking to one another as much as (we hope) you enjoy listening to us.

We’re also grateful for the professional connections we’ve made as a result of this podcast. This year alone, we spoke with Steve Biddulph, Peggy Orenstein, Phyllis Fagell, Dr. Vanessa LaPointe, Michael C. Reichert & dozens of other on-the-ground boy advocates. It may seem, sometimes, that boys are an after thought in today’s world, but we’ve learned that there a lot of smart, caring, committed people who care deeply about boys and their future.

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In this episode, Jen & Janet discuss:
  • The importance of humor in raising boys
  • How parenting keeps us grounded
  • ON BOYS’ origin story
  • How Jen & Janet learned so much about boys
  • Why one-size-fits-all answers don’t work
  • Our individual quirks
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Links we mentioned (or should have) in this episode:

The Role of Memes in Teen Culture — Jen’s New York Times article, mentioned at 4:26

Introducing Co-Hosts Janet & Jen — our very first ON BOYS episode, mentioned at 9:27

Sex, Teens & Everything in Between, by Shafia Zaloom — book recommended by Peggy Orenstein during our Boys & Sex conversation, mentioned at 25:25

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