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How to Raise a Healthy Gamer

Powered by RedCircle Yes, it’s possible to raise a healthy gamer. Even in a world saturated with video games. Fighting about video games, however, isn’t helpful, says Alok Kanojia (aka Dr. K), author of How to Raise a Healthy Gamer: End Power Struggles, Break Bad Screen Habits, and Transform Your Relationship with Your Kids. “Right now, … Continue reading How to Raise a Healthy Gamer

The Evolution of Esports (w Baro Hyun)

Esports — competitive videogaming — is quickly becoming a very big deal. In 2017, 106.2 million people watched the League of Legend esports championship.  In 2020, 99.9 million watched the Super Bowl on TV, according to Reuters. Today’s parents, teachers and grandparents often find themselves annoyed at the hours boys spend in front of screens, gaming. … Continue reading The Evolution of Esports (w Baro Hyun)

Best of 2019

340%. The ON BOYS audience grew by 340% this year. We now have listeners in more than 110 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Botswana and Bolivia — which means that our message of support for boys is resonating and empowering parents worldwide. This year, we hosted … Continue reading Best of 2019