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Gemma Gaudette Talks About Raising Boys

Powered by RedCircle Gemma Gaudette says “we don’t give boys enough credit.” Gemma, host of Idaho Matters & a mom of two sons (currently ages 11 & 15), knows (from personal experience!) that boys can be dramatic & sensitive, even though society has coded those traits as “feminine.” Yet many adults continue to insist on … Continue reading Gemma Gaudette Talks About Raising Boys

Boy Moms as Boy Advocates

Boy moms make the most effective boy advocates.  That’s a lesson Gemma Gaudette learned early on. Gaudette, the host of Idaho Matters on Boise State Public Radio and the mom of 2 sons, ages 13 and 9, didn’t really understand the challenges boys face in the world until she had sons. Now, she believes that moms … Continue reading Boy Moms as Boy Advocates

Raising Boys Documentary

CBSN recently released a new documentary, Raising Boys. Among those featured in the documentary: our very own Jennifer L.W. Fink. The intent of the documentary, says producer Kayla Ruble, was to examine “what issues lead to the headlines” that so often announce stories of men behaving badly. The intent was to search for answers to … Continue reading Raising Boys Documentary