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Dr. Jon Lasser on Expanding Boys’ Opportunities

Dr. Jon Lasser believes we all have a role to play in expanding boys’ opportunities. The Man Box and Boy Code still limit and shape boys’ behavior. And although there are plenty of books and TV shows that encourage girls to step past gendered boundaries, there are far fewer resources for boys and their parents. … Continue reading Dr. Jon Lasser on Expanding Boys’ Opportunities

To Raise a Boy (w Emma Brown)

In her new book To Raise a Boy, author Emma Brown writes, “This is what I want for my son as he grows up: the ability to be himself without paying a social penalty.”  [NOTE: This episode contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence from 16:30-21:30] That’s what we want too. And we get frustrated sometimes … Continue reading To Raise a Boy (w Emma Brown)

Supporting Boys’ Interests

Supporting boys’ interests is essential, especially in a world that so often tells them their interests are unwelcome. Wanna wrestle? Don’t; you might hurt someone. Wanna dance? Don’t; that’s for girls. Restrained by stereotypes, gender expectations and parents and teachers who prefer boys who sit down and take direction without comment or complaint, too may … Continue reading Supporting Boys’ Interests