Dads Matter (w Marion Hill)

Powered by RedCircle   Dads matter.  Men matter. To become their best, boys need involved dads and male teachers, coaches, & mentors. But when Marion Hill began working in early childhood education in Phoenix, he “noticed there weren’t a lot of fathers around,” he says. Recognizing dads’ importance to kids’ social, emotional, and cognitive development, … Continue reading Dads Matter (w Marion Hill)

Parenting Teenage Boys with Lee Bare

Parenting teenage boys is a challenge. And an opportunity. In some ways, says child and adolescent psychologist Lee Bare, parenting a teenage boy is like parenting a newborn. “You have to be prepared for anything and you never know what kind of mood they’re going to wake up in,” says Lee, who is also the … Continue reading Parenting Teenage Boys with Lee Bare

Building Boys’ Reading and Literacy Skills

Reading and literacy are important life skills. But many boys struggle with reading and writing — and resist parents’ and teachers’ well-intended efforts to help them. Lots of boys are reluctant readers. Many hate writing. Teaching boys to read Middle school literacy instructional coach Todd Feltman says, “reading has to be taught in increments,” especially … Continue reading Building Boys’ Reading and Literacy Skills

Coffee with Jen & Janet

What does Janet’s 8-month-old grandson have in common with a bunch of guys throwing darts at each other in a dark basement? A fascination with objects moving through space —  a nearly universal male tendency that Janet is witnessing in real-time as her grandson delights in pushing, pulling, and moving objects that are bigger than … Continue reading Coffee with Jen & Janet

Listener Q & A: Boy Communication, Socialization, & Girl Power

Why do boys….? Bringing up boys brings up all kinds of questions! Jen & Janet have answers. Tamara asks: Why do boys communicate through physical touch/aggression and use sarcasm for communication rather than regular conversation? Katrina worries that her son may be alienating himself from his friends — and missing out on social opportunities — … Continue reading Listener Q & A: Boy Communication, Socialization, & Girl Power

Parenting, Privilege, & Building a Just World

We want to build boys — AND a just world. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by seemingly insurmountable challenges, and tempting to not take action on big societal issues like inequity because, well, what can we do anyway? But while it’s true that none of us can individually create the systemic changes that are needed … Continue reading Parenting, Privilege, & Building a Just World

Holding the Calm with Hesha Abrams

Holding the calm, says Hesha Abrams, is an essential skill for resolving conflict and diffusing tension. Conflict and tension trigger an individual’s amygdala, the “reptilian” part of the brain that initiates the flight-flight-or-freeze response. And when the amygdala is activated, the human body goes into a refractory state for about 20 minutes. Our eyes and … Continue reading Holding the Calm with Hesha Abrams

Parenting Through Health Challenges

Parenting inevitably includes health challenges. Kids get sick. Parents get sick. And injuries and accidents happen more often than we’d like. Learning how to manage a medical diagnosis — and navigate the health system — is a crucial parenting skill. “Boy mom” and COVID, cancer and heart failure survivor Jen Singer has more medical system … Continue reading Parenting Through Health Challenges

Gender Equality, Boys and Men

Doing more for boys and men does not require an abandonment of the ideal of gender equality. In fact, it is a natural extension of that. — Richard V. Reeves Those words are from a new book Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male is Struggling, Why it Matters, and What to Do About … Continue reading Gender Equality, Boys and Men