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Maggie Dent: Build Up Dads to Benefit Boys

Powered by RedCircle Many Dads want to “step up with their hearts” and “actively parent,” says Maggie Dent, Australian parenting author and host of The Good Enough Dad and Parental As Anything podcasts.  “They want to know how to do it well,” she says, noting that most dads have little experience caring for (or interacting … Continue reading Maggie Dent: Build Up Dads to Benefit Boys

Needed: Boy-Friendly Schools

Powered by RedCircle Most schools today aren’t boy-friendly.  That’s one (big!) reason why boys lag behind girls academically. And why so many boys hate going to school. Tyler, a 16-year-old Texas boy, started struggling in middle school. Recess was no more. Classes were 90 minutes long. So, “he found it really hard to sit still … Continue reading Needed: Boy-Friendly Schools

America’s Marriage Coach Shares Relationship Advice

Powered by RedCircle America’s marriage coach, Dr. Jacquie Del Rosario, says nature and nurture affect our relationships. Moms are concerned with a lot of things at once; Dads tend to focus on one thing at a time. Many moms derive a sense of security from planning ahead for all possible contingencies. Dads tend to react … Continue reading America’s Marriage Coach Shares Relationship Advice

Masculinity, Fatherhood, & Man Up

Powered by RedCircle What do college students think about masculinity? About fatherhood? About the trauma & violence faced by men in society? Kevin Roy, a family science professor at the University of Maryland (& father of 3 sons), encourages his students to discuss these topics (& more) in his popular class, “Man Up.” “Young women come … Continue reading Masculinity, Fatherhood, & Man Up

Boys, Babies, & Breastfeeding

Powered by RedCircle What do boys need to know about birth, babies, and breastfeeding?  A lot more than we’re currently teaching them. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), 83.2% infants born in 2019 (the last year for which data is available) started out receiving some breast milk, and 78.6% were … Continue reading Boys, Babies, & Breastfeeding

Celebrating Moms on Mother’s Day

Powered by RedCircle Mother’s Day is a day to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children. At least, that was the intent of Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day in the United States This year, we’re also celebrating the many ways in which mothering has enhanced our lives. (“You can’t stay stagnant as a … Continue reading Celebrating Moms on Mother’s Day

Whole Child Sports: Alternative to Toxic Youth Sports Culture

Powered by RedCircle Whole child sports emphasizes wholesome, safe, and developmentally appropriate athletic experiences for kids. It is the antithesis of the toxic, highly competitive youth sports culture that’s unfortunately become the norm here in the United States. Scott Lancaster, a sports performance coach who worked with the NFL; Luis Fernando Llosa, an investigative reporter … Continue reading Whole Child Sports: Alternative to Toxic Youth Sports Culture

Lads Need Dads with Sonia Shaljean

Powered by RedCircle Lads need dads, says Sonia Shaljean, director of the UK-based organization Lads Need Dads, one of the only projects in the country working to proactively address the impact of the absent father on boys aged 11-15. Many boys with absent or uninvolved fathers, of course, turn out perfectly okay. But many don’t. … Continue reading Lads Need Dads with Sonia Shaljean

Dads Matter (w Marion Hill)

Powered by RedCircle   Dads matter.  Men matter. To become their best, boys need involved dads and male teachers, coaches, & mentors. But when Marion Hill began working in early childhood education in Phoenix, he “noticed there weren’t a lot of fathers around,” he says. Recognizing dads’ importance to kids’ social, emotional, and cognitive development, … Continue reading Dads Matter (w Marion Hill)

Braden Bell Explains Middle School Boys

Middle school boys may seem messy and mysterious, but they’re also entertaining, challenging, and inspiring, says Braden Bell. The middle school years are “a wonderful, magical moment,” says Bell, an experienced educator, father, and grandfather. “It’s important to keep in mind that we are not raising 6th graders, we are not raising 7th graders — … Continue reading Braden Bell Explains Middle School Boys